18 Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Adiyogi Mahadev


Why not visit Tamil Nadu, the famous state of South India in this summer vacation. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. one of the beautiful states of South India. Tourists can witness culture, religion, spontaneity, and beauty in this beautiful state.
Tourists in this beautiful state can see everything from beautiful beaches to hill stations with beautiful views, temples full of amazing architecture and wildlife parks, etc. So if you really want to do something new on these holidays, then you should visit Tamil Nadu, while roaming around this beautiful place, you can also understand the culture here, and introduce yourself to this beautiful part of India.

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Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu:


Chennai is Formerly known as Madras. Chennai is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal is the most prominent of the biggest cultural, economic and academic centers of South India. The history of Chennai says that it is a 369-year-old city and the 36th largest metropolis in the world. Chennai’s long history begins as a service and manufacturing center in the 20th century through colonialism from ancient South Indian kingdoms. The name Madras is derived from Madraspatnam, which was selected for a permanent settlement by the British East India Company in 1639. The region is often called by different names by the local people as Madruputnam, Madras Kuppam, Madraspatnam, and Madirazipetam. You will experience the beauty of the world-famous Marina Beach or you can engage in the trekking activities that are organized close to the waterfalls. This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.

2. Ooty:


Ooty is a good place for mountain lovers. It is also known as “Queen of Hills“. It was once the headquarters of the East India Company. Ooty was situated amidst the Nilgiri hills at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level. Ooty is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu. Ooty is a very popular destination for couples and honeymooners. The toy train allows one to enjoy the panoramic views of this beautiful hill station. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway has the longest track in all of Asia and is one of the best train rides you will ever get to experience. The famous Doddabetta Peak is a must-visit while you are in the city. This is one of the best hills Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.

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The Pondicherry region was part of the Pallava Kingdom of Kanchipuram. In the 13th century, the Cholas were replaced by the Pandyas. Pondicherry later saw a series of Muslim invasions. In 1673, the French East India Company established a trading center in Puducherry and the outpost became an important French settlement in IndiaDutch and British trading companies also wanted to establish trade with India. As a result, there was a war between these countries, and in 1693, the Dutch captured Pondicherry. And the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu is Pondicherry with the same notion is to visit Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Ashram where people from all over the world come to seek spirituality through yoga and meditation. This is one of the best places in Tamilnadu.


Kanyakumari is said to be the last thief of the mainland of India one of the best places in Tamilnadu. It is a popular tourist destination and a place of great natural beauty. The city is named after the Hindu goddess Kanyakumari, who was also known as Kumari Amman. Swami Vivekananda is said to have stayed here for some time and meditated. It is situated at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean
. The place offers amazing sunset and sunrise views. It is the only place in India where one can enjoy the unparalleled view of sunset and moon simultaneously on a full moon day. The main attraction in Kanyakumari is the Kumari Amman Temple. Considered to be one of the Shaktipeeths, this temple attracts a large number of devotees every year. Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Gandhi Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Suchindram, Pichiparai Reservoir, Vattakottai Fort, places to see in Kanyakumari St. Xavier’s Church and Udayagiri Fort. Some of the popular beaches near Kanyakumari are Thengapattinam Beach, Sanguthurai Beach, and Chothavilai Beach. Kanyakumari is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.



Rameshwaram  Chennai It is 560 km from Madurai and it is 171 km away from Madurai. Rameshwaram This place is known all over the world because of Ram Sethu. According to the ancients, Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman had built a pool to go to Sri Lanka, which is known as Rama Setu. But science considers Ram Setu to be completely natural. Rameshwaram is one of the major Jyotirlingas of the country. This temple built on Pamban Island shows the beauty of the Dravidian style. Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agnitheertham, Gandhamadana Parvatdham, Dhanushkodi, Kothandaraswamy Temple, and Eravadi are the popular and most visited pilgrimage centers of Rameswaram. Ramanathapuram, Tirupulani, Uthirakosamangai, Sethu Island are the nearby attractions of Rameshwaram. The beautiful beaches at Olikuda, Danushkodi, and Pamban are other attractions apart from the religious point of view. Scuba diving and watching migratory birds during winters are the major activities here. This is one of the Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.



Kanchipuram is known for the beautiful Kanchipuram sarees and is also known as the ‘Golden City of a Thousand Temples’. Kancheepuram is a popular tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram is a good place for people who believe in Hinduism. It is particularly known for being a cultural and philosophical center. The city is home to the famous Kanchi Kamakshi Temple, the consort of Lord Shiva. Kailasanathar Temple is also popular and known for its splendid architecture is one of the best places in Tamilnadu. The tallest, largest, and most impressive temple in the city is the Ekambeshwar Temple, spread over 40 acres. Kanchi Matha hosts Kutchi or South Indian classical music concerts in the evenings. This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is at an altitude of 7200 feet above sea level. Kodaikanal means “gift of forests”. Known as the princess of hill stations, Kodaikanal offers the perfect blend of culture and nature to the tourists. This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.

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Madurai is one of the oldest cities in India located in Tamil Nadu. The city was ruled by the Pandya kings for a long time and it was constructed in the form of a lotus. Madurai is considered the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. The townhouses the Meenakshi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi with a sanctum sanctorum for his consort, Sundareswarar. Tirupurakundram is one of the important old temples dedicated to Lord Muruga (Karthikeya) and is situated on a hill about 8 km from the city. The Gandhi Museum has Gandhi’s blood-stained dhoti and some other artifacts. Shopping here is fun and affordable. Madurai is popular for its amazing street food. Madurai This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.


Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram, famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves, is a historically important tourist destination, located on the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal in the state of Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram is the “Land of Seven Pagodas”.

After the famous demon king Mahabali, Mahabalipuram was renamed Mamallapuram. Some of the famous tourist places include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shore Temple and Five Rathas, Crocodile Bank which is home to some exquisite species of crocodiles, and the beaches located at Kovalam and Sadar. Mahabalipuram This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.

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Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Yercaud is called the poor man’s Ooty. It is a beautiful small beautiful hill station in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Stunningly nestled in the Eastern Ghats in the lap of the Shevaroy hills, from waterfalls to lakes, churches to temples, and trekking trails to viewpoints, it has hundreds of spots that attract tourists. If you want to capture the best of sunset and sunrise pictures, then Yercaud is a must-visit. It is located at a distance of about 190 km from Coimbatore. This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.


Adiyogi Mahadev

One of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is a major center for industry, textiles, and manufacturing and is well-known among many other tourist destinations in South India. This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu. From ancient temples to new buildings, from breathtaking mountains to waterfalls, Coimbatore has everything you want to experience during your vacation. The Adiyogi statue is statue of Shiva with Thirunamam at Coimbatore Designed by Sadhguru. It is one of the best yoga center In Tamilnadu. There are several temples located in and around Coimbatore such as the Echanari Vinayagar Temple, Maruthamalai Murugan Temple, Sri Ayyappan Temple, and Tirumurti Malai. Many of these temples are located on hilly terrain, so you can have a good view of the whole city and its surrounding landscape from the top. Camping and trekking are very popular things to do in Coimbatore, so if you are looking for a thrill, don’t miss checking out the most exciting trekking trails.


Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu


Valparai is a hill station in the Annamalai Hills, located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the Places To Visit In Tamilnadu. It is a good option for those traveling to similar hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal, and Coorg. It is actually the ‘seventh heaven’. Driven by an economy that consists largely of coffee and tea estates, this delightful hill station also thrives on its thriving tourism industry.


Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Yelagiri, a small hill station located in Vellore, is just three hours away from Bangalore.This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu. It is spread over 30 square kilometers and at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, Yelagiri takes its tourists to some beautiful destinations like Jalgamparai Falls, orchards and rose gardens, etc. Originally belonging to the zamindar family of Yelagiri, the hill station started gaining popularity after the colonial rule. It has all the characteristics of a great hill station, be it the sunset point or the lakes and parks. Being one of the lesser-known hill stations in Tamil Nadu, the place is less crowded. The locally available honey is considered to be one of the purest and tastiest varieties.

14.Mudumalai National Park:

Mudumalai National Park is a part of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, located 150 km from Coimbatore in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. It connects the Western Ghats to the Eastern Ghats and the reason for its popularity is that it is home to many vulnerable and endangered animal and bird species. The borders of both the neighboring states of Kerala and Karnataka are adjacent to the park. Mudumalai is currently being considered by UNESCO to be declared a World Heritage Site. Mudumalai is known for its beautiful landscape of blue skies, the Mudumalai National Park here is quite famous, in which many species of animals and birds live. Bird watching is an interesting activity here. This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

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Auroville is a small township in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. This universal township was inaugurated on 28 February 1968 with the agenda that it would be a place for people, regardless of their caste, creed, nationality, or race, to make it a center of uninterrupted education and progress. This place is a symbol of peace and people often come here in search of peace.


Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Dhanushkodi is a small, sparsely populated maritime town located off the coast of Tamil Nadu. In 1964, Dhanushkodi faced one of the worst storms India had ever experienced. Since then, Tamil Nadu has rebuilt the city to become one of the most unique and unusual beaches in India. This small town exudes grandeur and beauty.This is one of the Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

Dhanushkodi Beach lies on the tip of the Rameswaram island. On this beach, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean merge which is known as Arichal Munai in Tamil. Before 1964, Dhanushkodi was a busy, crowded city. The Dhanushkodi Beach attracted thousands of tourists each day. In 1964, Dhanushkodi was hit by a cyclone and was almost destroyed by it.


Nestled between the Kaveri and Arsala rivers of southern India, Kumbakonam is a grand temple town located in the heart of the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The city is a must visit place for history buffs and those who understand the cultural roots of India. The city is also known for its Mahamaham festival, which is celebrated every twelve years at Mahamaha Tankha. The city is one of the oldest in Indian history and is also known for its famous temples, Chola heritage, and its wonderful educational institutions. Very few people know that it is also called Cambridge of India.This is one of the Places To Visit In Tamilnadu.


Best Places To Visit In Tamilnadu

A beautiful temple town in the eastern part of Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram is famous for housing the wonderful Lord Nataraja Temple and a few others, highlighting its importance as a special place of pilgrimage.

If one wants to see the heritage, glorious history, rich cultures, diversity, traditions and festivals, and reverent devotion of Hinduism, then one must visit Chidambaram. Situated 250 km from Chennai in the Cuddalore district of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram has been a place of architectural splendor and religious importance since antiquity. The city, with a population of about 90,000 people, is famous for its many temples, which are a wonderful rendition of Dravidian style of architecture and a beautiful representation of Dravidian culture. The famous of these is the Nataraja temple dedicated to the cosmic dance battle of Lord Shiva with the goddess Kali in Hindu mythology. The city is a wonderful place to visit and witness the historical past of Southern India.


The city is well connected to other parts of India by road. One can reach Chennai from five major national highways Kolkata, Bengaluru, Tiruchi/Madurai, Tiruvallur, and Pondicherry. Several car rental companies such as Clear Car Rental, Avis, and Hertz offer various facilities to the customers.

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